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Posted 6 years ago


The Painter must have the minimum of prior experience / technical education or the ability to learn on the job.


• Responsibility and authority for quality of own work.

• Perform work in accordance with Travelers / Operation sheets

• Achieve proficiency in the following tasks:

• Handling, Operation and Maintenance of Binks 2001/2001V Spray Gun
• Handling, Operation and Maintenance of EGHV-531 HVLP Spray Gun
• Proper Techniques of Checking Viscosity
• Handling, Operation and Maintenance of Devilbiss KB II Two Quart Pressure Cup.
• Proper Techniques and Recording Procedures of Eddy Current of HAE Coating IAW EIS 1120 & EIS 11821
• Touch Up Chrome Pickle
• Use, Care and Maintenance of the Survivair Air Purifying Respirator (Premier Model)
• Surface preparation, masking, painting and curing in accordance with customer-specific requirements.

• Assure that the production traveler is properly signed for accountability.

• Use and care in the handling of components.

• Perform Preventive Maintenance on equipment.

• Responsible for care and use of calibrated measuring instruments and their timely return for required calibration.

• Observe all safety requirements in shop area.

• Maintain good housekeeping practices at all times

• Perform all other duties as required.


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